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mg电子游戏网站大全:Expats optimistic about safety in Guangzhou

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内容摘要:Perception of safety is one of the important factors when assessing a city. As a city with 80,000 foreign residents, is Guangzhou safe in th...

Perception of safety is one of the important factors when assessing a city. As a city with 80,000 foreign residents, is Guangzhou safe in the eyes of expats?

We recently interviewed four foreigners who have been living in Guangzhou for a long time. They shared their views on public security in the city and also give suggestions.

The British Chinese Calligraphy Lover: Guangzhou, safe and friendly

Simon Haywood is from the United Kingdom and now a university teacher in Guangzhou, as well as an editor for Living in Guangzhou for three and a half years, Simon has gradually become familiar with this historic yet dynamic city.

Guangdong, Simon, Chinese calligraphy

Simon holding a Chinese calligraphy workshop, to share his passion

When asked his score of the overall security condition in Guangzhou, Simon did not hesitate to answer: 90-100 points.

“Perhaps I’ve been fortunate. Recalling the past three and a half years in Guangzhou, I’ve never encountered things as serious as theft or robbery. I remember once when walking down the street, a man came up and tapped my shoulder, saying: ‘Hey, your rucksack is open.’ and then left. I wouldn’t have realized my bag was open unless he told me, and perhaps I might have lost my passport or wallet. There are so many enthusiastic people in Guangzhou, I feel very welcome here.”

Living in Guangzhou for many years, Simon also deeply understands that there are many differences between China and UK.

“Living in China is very safe, and I am neither afraid of losing anything nor worrying about being attacked by drunkards or embroiled in a fight. In some cities in the UK, I would be more worried about going out in the middle of night and avoid the kind of alleys I always walk through here.” Simon said.

Palestinian “Guangzhou Hand”: China is the safest country in the world

The people who know Malek would all say he is an authentic “Guangzhou Hand”. For him, Guangzhou, a city he has lived in for 14 years, has already become his second hometown. Malek who was born in Palestine, has long been engaged in the import and export trade in Guangzhou. Malek stated that China is the safest country in the world.

In Malek’s eyes, Guangzhou has seen better and better development across many different areas. According to Malek, for the first few years he lived in Guangzhou, the taxi service was not very reliable or safe.

“It was difficult for us to distinguish whether a taxi was legal or not.”

However, in recent years, the management of taxis in Guangzhou has improved considerably. He has begun to also use some apps to call taxis as he thinks it’s a good way to further avoid being cheated, with prices agreed upfront. Malek hopes that the taxi service in Guangzhou will continue to be improved.





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